Design begins with an idea, a spark, a flash of inspiration that starts the ball rolling.  I like to begin by researching similar projects to see what others have done and how I can improve upon their ideas.  I enjoy the regularity found in grids and take pride in my meticulous attention to detail.  The Art Nouveau posters and architecture of the early 20th century; the clean, modern design of today; and any hand-drawn typography inspire me.  Typography is my passion.  I am endlessly enthralled with the language of typefaces, how each one speaks differently and evokes various moods or themes.  Branding and packaging are other favorite challenges I face as a graphic designer; I like the problem solving associated with them.  One of my favorite graphic design studios right now is Swiss Cottage Design.

*     *     *

Victoria Casey has been baking and making art since she was a child when her twin sister and she would spend their summers baking cakes and painting.  When the time came to choose a course of study, graphic design seemed the natural choice.

She completed her BA in Studio Art, concentrating on Communication Design Technology, and a Certificate for Digital Media Arts at California State University, Channel Islands in December 2011.

Casey has submitted work to the Dole Corporation and Southern California Conferences for Undergraduate Research (SCCUR).  She recently participated in a student show at CSU Channel Islands, submitting three pieces, and had a piece in “Two Kinds of Space: Illustrating the Illustrated Man”.  She has worked with Dandyline Designs in Ventura, CA and did freelance work for a Santa Barbara based architect.



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